Make Fitness a Family Affair With These Fun Activities

Parents often wonder why their kids aren’t into being physically active. Many times, it’s because the parents aren’t moving around…

The Importance of Family Game Night

Playing games with your kids is more about strengthening the bond of family than it is about winning or losing.

Tips for Summer Travel with Kids

Eye-Spy, license plate and road sign games are an excellent way to educate and entertain. Backseat navigators may even help you find Exit 17 before it's too late to turn off.

The ‘USA Today’ Family Fitness Challenge

USA Today realizes how busy we are, but they also recognize the need for families to get out and play together to keep the bonds between us strong and our bodies healthy.

Nintendo Says the New 3DS Not Safe for Children

Nintendo advises parents not to allow their children under age 7 to play the 3DS hand-held gaming device. It could do permanent eye damage.