Overdiagnosis of ADHD: The Facts and Figures

Attention deficit disorder (ADD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are common diagnoses among children and teens. Although these are…

Do Parents Deserve Special Treatment?

Flying with kids can be trying. Should parents of small children get special rights when flying the friendly skies?

Unwarranted Praise is Bad for Kids

Dweck's strategy is called "process praise," and incorporates the explanation of why the child is receiving praise, as well as the steps they took that makes you think they are smart.

Negotiating With Kids Means Fewer Arguments

A recent study on today's kids and parents suggests moms and dads are more likely to negotiate to avoid argument and keep the peace.

Philip Morris Using Child Laborers to Harvest Tobacco

As Americans, we rage at the thought of little kids performing manual labor. Kids are meant to be kids; to live and experience joy, happiness and a carefree sense of excitement and intrigue they will carry with them into adulthood.

What is Your Family Type?

According to a recent study published in the Child Development journal, the dynamics of a family can affect how well your children do in school.

Vatican Revises Its Laws on Child Sexual Abuse

As more child sexual abuse cases have surfaced in the Catholic church, victims' groups continue to claim the Church does little to rectify the situation.

Research Shows Self-Hypnosis May Alleviate Tourette’s Symptoms in Kids

Parents of children with Tourette Syndrome find the possibly of non-drug treatment appealing. A number of the medications prescribed to Tourette's patients produce negative side effects, and doctor's are often reluctant to prescribe them.

Study Says Kids Should Be Screened for Cholesterol

A West Virginia University study discovered that 36% of kids who wouldn't normally be screened for high cholesterol were in need of not just screening, but treatment.

Are Your Kids “Robo Tripping?”

It sounds like some kind of bizarre, internet-fueled virtual reality drug when you first hear it, but upon learning what the buzz-word "Robo Tripping" really stood for, I wasn't as surprised as I thought I'd be.